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What is Mafia?

This is a Game for people who like communicating, making new friends and developing their psychological skills. Mafia is a group role playing game of strategy, survival, and the ability to spot a fraud.

The game of Mafia is about convincing others, about being able to lie believably, and about being able to figure out if other people are lying.

Never played before? No problem! The Moderator explains the Rules before every Game. Also our “Mafiosi” are always ready to help. New players are welcome, as it makes the Game more exciting!

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I did not know what to expect or whether I would understand the game, but I did have no problems, good explanations, fun people and a good evening! Keep it moving Lucia

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When does the event finish?
One Game usually lasts about 30-50 minutes. You can play as many times as you want or leave after any Game.
I am busy this weekend, how can I join you next time?
Mafia Game is not a single event. You can learn about the date of the next Game by simply subscribing for our newsletter.
May I take friends with me?
Sure! But please, ask your friends to register first. The point is, that we book a place for each game depending on the number of players. Don’t you really want your friends to seat on the floor in the cafe?
How many people usually play?
At one table there usually play about 10 people. If there are more people who want to play, they wait for the next game.
Where do you play?
We gather at a cafe or at a private place in Munich. We’ll send you the address by E-mail soon after you registered.

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